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Welcome to Iqbal Foods

Iqbal Halal Foods brings you the foods of the world under one roof in extremely reasonable prices. Our stores are designed to cater to growing customer demands in terms of variety, quality, affordability, and convenience. Iqbal Halal Foods puts an end to multiple grocery store visits because you can find everything in one place; from hand-slaughtered halal meat and fresh produce to other food essentials. Our weekly/monthly flyers and deals are a customer’s favourite. We also take pride in being one of the largest retailers of South Asian and Middle Eastern foods.

In order to meet the demands of our customers and the dynamic world at large, we are investing in our processes and technology. This is to ensure an enhanced and productive customer experience at Iqbal Foods.

Our Story

This all began in 1971, when a young and hardworking man named Iqbal Malek came to Canada with just $7 in his pocket. He worked long hours at various jobs, and the same time went to 3 schools in the evening to enhance his academic skills.

By 1984, he opened his first business, a tuck shop and a Pakistani/Indian restaurant on Gerrard Street in Toronto. Over the years, he noticed that the consumers from his Muslim community were looking for Halal-certified groceries, poultry and meat. He diligently tapped into this market of selling wholesale halal products store to store. The growing interest in his products led Malek into the retail side of the grocery business, thereby establishing Iqbal Halal Foods.

Decades later, Iqbal Halal Foods has emerged as a renowned establishment with more than 200 employees in its wholesale division and two supermarkets ; one in mid-town Toronto and the other in Mississauga. Malek is a hard-working, honest CEO who is all praises for his team and prays for the strength and knowledge to continue doing good work for the community at large.

“I have been very fortunate to be able to partner with some of the best talented businessmen in the industry. My team has been very supportive and has stood by my decisions, leading to success in the business.” says CEO Iqbal Malek.

Iqbal Halal Foods management strongly believes in giving back to the community by sponsoring various non-profit and service organizations like the police department, fire department, local hospitals, public schools, different youth sports and science programs, Ontario Science Centre, Christmas Tree Food Basket, Food Banks, local community programs, and more.

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