Processed Food

No matter what you need, spiced pickle, chutneys of any kind or maybe you simply want crushed tomatoes, we carry a large variety of processed foods in store.

Indian/Pakistani Spice

We have a huge selection of Indian & Pakistani Spices which are a major factor in making your food delicious and to bring it the classic desi tarka.

100% Halal Meat

One of our major sections is our meat section. We always have a large variety of fresh halal meat available.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

At Iqbal Halal Foods, you'll find a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, even if its seasonal or off-seasonal.

Fruits and Vegetable

Fruits and Vegetable

You can get the same kinds of fruits and vegetables from Iqbal Foods that are also available in the local markets, which include seasonal as well as off-seasonal items.

Moreover, we also import a large range of fruits and vegetable from South Asia such as Mangoes, Amroodh, Jaman, Ghia, Toori, and Tinday etc.

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