Processed Food

No matter what you need, spiced pickle, chutneys of any kind or maybe you simply want crushed tomatoes, we carry a large variety of processed foods in store.

Indian/Pakistani Spice

We have a huge selection of Indian & Pakistani Spices which are a major factor in making your food delicious and to bring it the classic desi tarka.

100% Halal Meat

One of our major sections is our meat section. We always have a large variety of fresh halal meat available.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

At Iqbal Halal Foods, you'll find a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, even if its seasonal or off-seasonal.


Article about South Asian Rajapuri mangoes by thestar

Posted in News by Staff

Article about South Asian Rajapuri mangoes by thestar Siraj Thakor crouches behind the counter, roots around and emerges, seconds later, with a large, rectangular box. Gingerly, he sets it down and lifts off the top. “Good?” says the general manager at Iqbal Halal Foods, a bustling grocery store in Thorncliffe Park. “What do you think?”

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A food tour of Thorncliffe Park article by Toronto Star

Posted in News by Staff

The Toronto Star had a chance to explore Thorncliffe Park and to write about Jennifer’s experience: “Today’s Thorncliffe Park is tomorrow’s Canada. It’s a striking statement and one that Jehad Aliweiwi makes over a Pakistani meal of haleem, shish kebab curry and chicken tikka masala at Iqbal Kebab & Sweet Centre. What the executive director

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Michael Ignatieff visited Iqbal Halal Foods

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Today, Michael Ignatieff stopped to visit the Iqbal Halal Food Centre, a crowd of approximately 100 exuberant supporters assembled. Some men and children chanted the leader’s name, others whistling loudly while they followed the leader’s every move in the grocery store. He met Iqbal Foods staff and discussed about Local community and upcoming election.

Eid Mubarak to all our wonderful customers

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Eid Mubarak! On behalf of the Iqbal Halal Foods Management and Staff, we wish you all a joyous Eid! May Allah SWT shower upon you His bounties of this beautiful occasion. Eid Salah Details Eid-ul-Adha will be celebrated on Sunday, Nov 6 2011. The salah schedule is as follows: First Prayer – 7:30am Second Prayer

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Ramadan Mubarak!!

Posted in News by Staff

Ramadan Mubarak!! July 31 Update – Ramadan Mubarak from Iqbal Halal Foods to our wonderful customers! The Hilal Committee has officially confirmed the sighting of moon. Monday, Aug 1st is first day of Ramadan.payday loans Isha will be at 10:21pm followed by Taraweeh tonight InshAllah. online casino deposit

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