Processed Food

No matter what you need, spiced pickle, chutneys of any kind or maybe you simply want crushed tomatoes, we carry a large variety of processed foods in store.

Indian/Pakistani Spice

We have a huge selection of Indian & Pakistani Spices which are a major factor in making your food delicious and to bring it the classic desi tarka.

100% Halal Meat

One of our major sections is our meat section. We always have a large variety of fresh halal meat available.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

At Iqbal Halal Foods, you'll find a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, even if its seasonal or off-seasonal.

Article about South Asian Rajapuri mangoes by thestar

Article about South Asian Rajapuri mangoes by thestar

Mangos by Iqbal Halal Foods

Siraj Thakor crouches behind the counter, roots around and emerges, seconds later, with a large, rectangular box.

Gingerly, he sets it down and lifts off the top.

“Good?” says the general manager at Iqbal Halal Foods, a bustling grocery store in Thorncliffe Park. “What do you think?”

Inside the box, six mangoes individually-wrapped in protective Styrofoam slips are ripe for inspection. At $23 for the lot, they’d better be blemish free.

Known as the “King” of their kind, these Rajapuri mangoes are one of the rare and flavourful varieties that arrives from India by plane at this time of year. Thakor keeps them behind a counter near the checkout stations.

To put them in the produce aisle, he says, would invite would-be-eaters to squeeze the fruit, a common test for ripeness, and ruin it. But also, Thakor says, the limited supply is kept out of sight and sold mainly to customers who order in advance… see more at thestar


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